General Information:
Excellent Coatings International offers a variety of warranty packages for projects installed by a Factory Aurthorized Applicator.

Job Requirements:
Surface preparation and material application performed in accordance with Excellent Coatings International's written instructions and specifications.

Contractor must be an Authorized Applicator of the Excel-Coat System being installed.

A representative of Excellent Coatings International or Authorized Distributor will conduct a pre-installation inspection, work-in-process inspections, and a final inspection of the deck system applied.

Warranty Process:
Pre-Job Warranty Request Notification - & - Installed Material Inspection Report

Completed by the Distributor and Authorized Applicator and submitted to Excellent Coatings International

Pre-Job Warranty Request Notification - & - Installed Material Inspection Report Form must be received by Excellent Coatings International prior to the start of the deck coating process.

Job Completion Notification:
Completed by the Factory Aurthorized Applicator and submitted to Excellent Coatings International containing record of job conditions, and material used.

Warranty will be mailed directly to the Aurthorized Applicator for the project and will include:

  • Material Warranty
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Cleaning Instructions

The involvement of our Factory Represtatives or Independent Sales Representatives with your project helps to ensure a successful finished product that is durable and lasting.

Please contact Excellent Coatings International for a copy of our warranty package, which includes more detailed information about this program and warranty requirements.

Cleaning Instructions

The following are recommended cleaning procedures for Excel-Coat products:


1. Rinse the deck off with water. Use one of the following cleaners on the Excel-Coat systems: Excel-Coat Maintenance Cleaner, Excel-Coat Hardwater Deposit Remover, Simple Green, or citrus cleaners. Make sure to follow the manufacture's suggested dilution directions. Apply the solution generously to the surface of the deck and agitate with a stiff bristle broom. When finished, rinse the entire area with cold water.

2. A pressure washer, not exceeding 1500 psi, can also be used to apply and wash the detergent solution. Care should be exercised with this method. Concentrating too much water pressure on the deck coating could be detrimental to the system.

3. There are cleaners now available for removing rust stains from the deck that are safe and effective.


1. After cleaning the deck as outlined above, saturate a cotton rag with alcohol and scrub the stain or mark off by hand. Rinse thoroughly with water. Alcohol will not damage Excel-Coat as long as it is not left sitting on the coating for an extended period of time.


1. Hard water staining should be cleaned as soon as it becomes noticeable. Pre-wet surface with clean water. Mix white vinegar with water at a ratio of 1:1 and apply to surface. Gently brush affected area and allow to dwell for 3-4 minutes. Brush again and then rinse. Allow to dry. If the removal process has worked but has not completely removed the stain, repeat this process; making sure to thoroughly rise afterward. This method should remove new and light hard water deposit stains.

2. If the above method does not remove tenancious hard water deposits and scales, try Excel-Coat Hard Water Deposit Remover. Follow manufacturer's instructions for use of this product. Contact your Excellent Coatings distributor for purchsding this product.

NOTE: Do not use Paint Remover, Xylol or MEK solvents.

NOTE: Lacquer thinner can be used on some very tough stains, but use very sparingly and rinse thoroughly with water.

Maintenance Instructions

Congratulations on your selection of an Excel-Coat deck system! The deck system you have chosen is a high performance, pedestrian traffic coating that will provide years of protection and performance. To maintain the appearance and maximize the longevity of the system, we recommend the following:

Keep the Deck Clean:
Dirt, gravel, sand and debris should be regularly removed from the surface by broom or blower.

Wash Periodically:
Clean the surface with warm water and a mild detergent solution as identified in our Cleaning Instructions. For best results, agitate the solution with a stiff bristle broom and rinse with water.

Planters and Flower Boxes:
It is recommended that a planter with a self-contained drainage system or planter saucers should be used. If planters freely drain onto the deck, the chemicals in the water may stain the coating. It is recommended that planters be raised off the ground with something similar to 1-inch slats or clay pedestals to allow circulation of air.

Patio Furniture All metal patio furniture should have rubber or plastic coasters on the legs. Rust from metal or iron furniture may stain the final coat.

Outdoor Carpet / Door Mats:
Outdoor carpet is not recommended over Excel-Coat for any period of time. Only breathable doormats should be used over the Excel-Coat System.

Accidental Damage / Remodeling Contact Excellent Coatings International or your local authorized applicator for assistance.

Re-Seal Coating:
For continued performance, re-seal the deck every 3-4 years with the appropriate Excel-Coat seal coat. For specific re-sealing instructions or the name of your local authorized distributor, contact Excellent Coatings International.

Snow Removal Equipment:
Only use snow shovels that have a rubber edge, or hand held blowers for snow removal on your decks. Do not use electric or gas-propelled snow removal equipment on your Excel-Coat systems.

By following these eight simple guidelines, your Excel-Coat deck coating system will provide years of service and beauty.