The Excel-Coat Pedestrian Traffic Membrane is a fiberglass-reinforced, acrylic deck coating system designed to waterproof deck surfaces exposed to pedestrian traffic. This system is a four-step process composed of primer, a fiberglass-reinforced base coat, skid resistant texture coat and an acrylic sealer.

The Excel-Coat Pedestrian Traffic Membrane is engineered for exterior pedestrian walkways, patios, balconies and bridges where water penetration cannot be tolerated.

Quick, reliable drying times, non-hazardous components and superior durability make the Excel-Coat Pedestrian Traffic Membrane the most logical solution for today's retrofit and new construction projects.

The Excel-Coat Pedestrian Traffic Membrane advantages:

  • The seamless, waterproof membrane protects the structure and surface of the roof/deck from the damaging effects of water.
  • The waterproof membrane allows moisture to escape from the substrate without causing the coating to bubble or blister.
  • The fiberglass reinforced base coat provides flexibility, dimensional stability and overall strength for the coating.
Water Based
  • VOC compliant and environmentally safe products are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.
Skid Resistant
  • The finished surface can be varied to achieve the desired texture and degree of skid resistance.
UV Stable
  • The deck coating will not discolor, fade, break down or deteriorate due to direct sun exposure.
Quick Drying
  • Water base, acrylic components ensure fast, reliable dry times. Each step of the process can receive same-day foot traffic. Ideal for retrofit applications!
Easy Maintenance
  • The waterproof coating will clean up with soap and water or Excel-Coat All-Purpose Cleaner for tougher stains.
  • The Excel-Coat Pedestrian Traffic Membrane System is available in 20 different contemporary colors, with the option of two-tone color textures with clear seal coats. Custom color matching is also available upon request at an additional charge.