K/D & K/D II Systems

Decorative Protection for Concrete & Finishes for Waterproofing Systems

  • The Excel-Coat K/D System is a decorative latex modified cementitious coating that includes a base coat and texture coat, topped with an acrylic sealer.
  • The Excel-Coat K/D System is a colorful, decorative, skid resistant coating designed to provide a cool walking surface for on-grade concrete, patios, pool decks, entryway and wall finishes.
  • The Excel-Coat K/D System can also be used in conjunction with the Excel-Coat waterproofing membranes. This combination provides unbeatable waterproof protection with infinite decorative possibilities.
  • The Excel-Coat K/D II System uses the same materials along with stencils, taping techniques, concrete skins, and stamps to provide more decorative finish options over concrete and our Fire Rated System.

The Excel-Coat K/D & KD II Systems advantages:

  • The versatility of this decorative coating is unmatched. A broad range of styles, from tile to stone, can be achieved using this system. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
  • Combining this decorative coating with our Excel-Coat waterproof systems provides uncompromising waterproof protection with unlimited decorative possibilities.
  • The acrylic polymers in this cementitious material allow moisture to escape from the substrate without causing delamination.
  • Because this is a cementitious product, this material can withstand heavy foot traffic while maintaining its decorative look.
Water Based
  • VOC compliant and environmentally safe products are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.
Skid Resistant
  • The finished surface can be varied to achieve the desired texture and degree of skid resistance.
UV Stable
  • The deck coating will not discolor, fade, break down or deteriorate due to direct sun exposure.
Quick Drying
  • Water based acrylic components ensure fast, reliable dry times. Each step of the process can receive same-day foot traffic. Ideal for retrofit applications!
Easy Maintenance
  • The decorative coating will clean up with detergent soap and warm water, Liquid TSP or Excel-Coat All Purpose Cleaner. For tougher stains consult your Excellent Coatings representative.
  • The Excel-Coat K/D materials available in 20 different contemporary colors. Custom colors are also available upon request at an additional charge.