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Green-Line V

Multi-Purpose Waterproofing Membrane
Between Slab Waterproofing/Below Grade Subterranean Wall Waterproofing/
Under Tile Applications and Pond Linings

Data Sheet

  • Excel-Coat Green Line V is a solvent-free, acrylic polymer, fluid applied waterproofing system. It is applied to substrates to provide a fully-adhered, seamless, elastomeric, waterproofing membrane. Reinforcing fabric may be installed to add strength to the membrane.
  • Green-Line V is a monolithic membrane designed to waterproof both vertical and horizontal substrates such as between-slab, below-grade and planter applications. This product is an excellent under-tile membrane, as well as a pond or water feature membrane. The system shall be installed on a relatively smooth, structurally sound substrate. The materials employed in this system adhere to each other in such a manner that no hollow spots or voids occur. The installed waterproofing membrane will remain adhered to the substrate and maintain its elastomeric and waterproofing integrity.
  • Do not allow product to freeze.Do not apply in wet areas. Do not apply over non-structural concrete without prior written approval.
  • Excel-Coat Green-Line V Reinforcing Fabric.Excel-Coat Green-Line V Reinforcing Tape.
  • Excel-Coat Green-Line V Waterproofing membrane.
  • Excel-Coat Green-Line V Protection Fabric.
  • Excel-Coat Green-Line V is available in 1, 2 and 5 gallon containers. GLR Reinforcing fabric is available in rolls of 36" x 300". GLT Reinforcing tape is available in rolls of 6" x 300". GLP Protection fabric is available in rolls of 48" x 300".
  • Twelve months from shipping date, stored below 80°F. Do not allow product to freeze.
  • Excel-Coat Green-Line V is available in two colors, Green and Gray. Custom color matching is available upon request at an additional charge. Minimum quantities may apply; overages will apply.
  • Before any waterproofing work is started, the waterproofing applicator shall thoroughly examine all surfaces for any deficiencies. Should any deficiencies exist, the architect, owner or general contractor shall be notified in writing and any corrections necessary shall be made.Cold or inclement weather will effect the cure time of all Excel-Coat products. Do not install over wet substrate, in the rain or if the threat of rain exists within 24 hours.
  • The surface temperature should be a of minimum of 45°F. All protruding pipes, conduits, holes and seams must be scaled prior to application of Excel-Coat Green-Line V. The substrate shall be clean, dry, evenly planed and free of fins, sharp edges, cracks, holes, voids, curing agent residue, dust or dirt. Proper drainage should be installed into the assembly to ensure water is expeditiously removed from the surface. Conduits, pipes, flashing, mechanical equipment and additional items or materials provided by others shall be properly installed and secured prior to the waterproofing application.


  1. Curing of concrete shall be by means of water cure or dissipating compounds. Curing compounds shall be approved by an authorized representative of Excellent Coatings InternationalConcrete shall be cured a minimum of 7 days prior to installation of membrane unless approved by an authorized representative of Excellent Coatings InternationalConcrete finish shall be a power metal float followed by a light steel trowel and fine hairbroom finish, or equivalent.Concrete surfaces shall be free of excessive roughness, voids, protrusions or exposed aggregate.Metal shall be bonderized (etched and galvanized), rust-free and a minimum 26 gauge.All tooled and control joints shall be caulked with a urethane sealant. Moving structural cracks shall be routed, primed and caulked with a two-part, semi-rigid epoxy.
  2. All holes, cracks, flashing junctures, joints, and other openings should be detailed with a 10 mil stripe coat embedded with GLT tape covered with an additional 10 mil coat of Excel-Coat Green-Line V.

Application: Horizontal

  1. Roll out the reinforcing fabric (if used) with a minimum 1" overlap in all directions.
  2. Thoroughly saturate the reinforcing fabric with Excel-Coat Green-Line V by roller at a rate of approximately 50 square feet per gallon, fully adhering the reinforcing fabric to the surface. Allow material to dry approximately 4 hours. Dry times may vary. The cured film thickness shall be 18-20 mils. with fabric and 12-15 mils. without fabric.
  3. NOTE: Colder weather will slow the curing process of all Excel-Coat products.

  4. Using care, visually inspect the membrane. Any wrinkles, blisters or voids should be cut out and the waterproofing material reapplied. Allow approximately 8 hours to properly cure. Dry times may vary.Apply an additional coat of Excel-Coat Green-Line V at an average rate of 100 square feet per gallon onto the first coat.Install the Protection Fabric on top of the last coat of Excel-Coat Green-Line V. Install the protection fabric in a smooth and wrinkle-free manner, lapping seams a minimum of 2". Allow approximately 12 hours to cure. Dry times may vary. The total cured film thickness of the complete waterproofing system shall be 30-40 mils.Water test all horizontal surfaces prior to application of the topping slab. This should be done after the membrane has cured 36 hours.
  5. If used as an under-tile membrane, install a slurry coat of Excel-Crete as a protection course prior to installation of tile.

Application: Vertical

  1. If concrete block is used instead of tilt up concrete, the surface to be waterproofed shall be smooth; if necessary parging or bagging shall be implemented prior to installing the waterproofing membrane.
  2. For additional strength, reinforcing fabric may be used.
  3. Apply a coat of Excel-Coat Green-Line V on the below- grade wall at the rate of 50 square feet per gallon. Immediately install reinforcing fabric (if used) into the wet coat. Smooth fabric with a trowel or brush. Allow to dry approximately 4-6 hours.
  4. Roll or spray a coat of Excel-Coat Green-Line V onto the vertical wall at a rate of 100 square feet per gallon. Allow to dry for approximately 2-4 hours. Dry times may vary.
  5. Using care, visually inspect the membrane. Any wrinkles, blisters or voids should be cut out and the waterproofing material reapplied.
  6. Install the Protection Fabric in a smooth and wrinkle-free manner, lapping seams a minimum of 2". Allow total system to cure approximately 12 hours before backfill begins. If drainage board is to be used, consult your Excellent Coatings International representative for product recommendations.
  7. Excel-Coat Green-Line V is a copolymer that does not crack or get brittle over time or with exposure to ultraviolet light. This material can be brought up above the fill line, to the stucco line or header, and painted/textured to match building finish.

NOTE: Colder weather will slow the curing process of all Excel-Coat products.

  • Store Excel-Coat Green-Line V in a cool, dry area and protect from freezing. It may be necessary to stir Excel-Coat before using. Partial containers can be resealed. Should a top skin develop on the remaining contents of a container, the physical properties and effectiveness of the contents will not be impaired. Clean mixing and application tools with water. Dispose of empty containers properly according to current Local, State and Federal regulations.
  • Health and Hazard Information: Use the product with adequate ventilation and personal protection. Users must read container label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for specific health and safety precautions prior to use.
  • Immediately available from Excellent Coatings International and authorized distributors.
  • Cost data is available from your local Excellent Coatings International authorized representative. For the name and number of the nearest local representative, call Excellent Coatings International at (800) 473-3817.
  • Excellent Coatings International warrants Excel-Coat products to be free of defects and manufactured to meet published physical properties for a period of one year following the date of shipment, provided that the product has been applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. Under this warranty, Excellent Coatings International will provide, at no charge, product in containers to replace any product proven to be defective in applications recommended by us as suitable for this product. All claims concerning the products' defects must be made within twelve months of shipment and within thirty days of discovery. Absence of such claims in writing during this period will constitute a waiver of all claims with respect to such product. This warranty is IN LIEU OF any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY of fitness for a specific purpose.
  • Authorized local representatives are available to provide design assistance and on-site instruction for our products. Excellent Coatings International provides assistance in design and development of special applications and partial inspection. Part-time or full-time inspection and instruction are available on a fee basis upon arrangement. Technical Data available upon request.