Fire System Advantages:

ICC ESR-2505
  • Evaluated and approved as a “Class A” on-hour fire retardant, roof/deck under ICC’s most recent criteria.
  • The seamless, waterproofing membrane protects the structure and surface of the roof/deck from the damaging effects of water.
  • The waterproofing membrane allows moisture to escape from the substrate without causing the coating to bubble or blister.
Excel Crete
  • The latex modified cement, reinforced with a galvanized metal lath, provides superior dimensional stability, flexibility and compressive strength to the system.
  • The finished surface can be varied to achieve the desired texture and degree of skid resistance.
UV Stable
  • The deck coating will not discolor, fade, break down or deteriorate due to direct sun exposure.
Quick Drying
  • Water-based acrylic components ensure fast, reliable drying times. Each step of the process can receive same-day foot traffic. Ideal for retrofit applications!
Easy Maintenance
  • The waterproofing coating will clean up with soap and warm water, or TSP for tougher stains.
  • The Excel-Coat® Fire System is available in 20 contemporary colors. Custom colors are also available upon request at an additional charge.