Pedestrian Traffic Membrane System

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  • Excel-Coat is an acrylic polymer, single-component, fiberglass reinforced, waterproof membrane system.


  • Excel-Coat is specifically designed to provide a waterproof wearing surface for exterior and interior pedestrian traffic areas, such as walking decks, balconies, patios, stairways and pool areas. Concrete is a suitable substrate that provides excellent adhesion. Excel-Coat provides durable protection with ultraviolet light stability and allows easy maintenance of the membrane.


Property Value ASTM Test
Tensile Strength 2855 PSI D-2707
Bond Strength-

Plywood 138 PSI C-297
Concrete 24 PSI
Impact Test No cracking D-3320
Spread of Flame- Class A
Non-combustible 3 Ft. E-108-82
Percolation Test 0.08 Perms
Water Transmission 22.6/mx24hr E-96
Abrasion Resistance 2.8% D-1242

  • Not for areas intended for vehicular traffic.
  • Do not apply in constantly submerged conditions such as reflecting ponds or tank linings.
  • Do not apply over non-structural lightweight concrete without prior written approval
  • The Excel-Coat Pedestrian Traffic Membrane System includes a primer (Excel-Coat 120), base coat (Excel-Coat #1), a texture coat, a topcoat (Excel-Coat #300) and a Patching Compound. All resins are suitable for horizontal use. A non-woven fiberglass mat offers excellent strength and durability, yet allows penetration of the base coat resin to ensure complete adhesion.
  • An alternate texture coat of Excel-Crete K/D and Tinted Additive may be used for increased skid resistance and durability. Excel-Crete Retarder may be added to extend working time of this texture application.
  • Excel-Coat #1, Excel-Coat #200, and Excel-Coat #300 are available in 1 and 5-gallon containers (U.S. gallon measures). Primers, fiberglass mat and Excel-Coat Patching Compound are sold separately in various sizes and quantities.
  • Alternate texture using Excel-Crete K/D is packaged in 50 lbs. bags. Excel-Crete Tinted Additive is available in 1 and 5 gallon containers. Excel-Crete Retarder is available in pre-measured packets.
  • Twelve months from shipping date, stored below 80°F. Do not allow resin to freeze.
  • Excel-Coat #200 texture is available in 3 standard colors: Gun Metal, Spanish Brown and Tumbleweed. Excel-Coat #300 seal coat is available in 20 standard colors. And, Excel-Crete K/D spray applied texture is available in 13 standard colors, with the option of two-tone color textures with clear seal coats.
  • Excel-Crete K/D and K/D II pattern and stamped finishes with clear seal coats may be combined with this system when applied to concrete surfaces. Custom color matching is also available upon request at an additional charge. Minimum quantities may apply; overages will apply.
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM E-108-82 for a "CLASS A" Fire Retardant Roof over a non-combustible substrate. (See EXCEL-COAT FIRE SYSTEM DATA SHEET for "CLASS A" Fire Retardant Roof over combustible substrate.)
  • Before any waterproofing work is started, the waterproofing applicator shall thoroughly examine all surfaces for any deficiencies. Should any deficiencies exist, the Architect, Owner or General Contractor shall be notified in writing and any corrections necessary shall be made.
  • Cold or inclement weather will effect the cure time of all Excel-Coat products. Do not install over wet substrate, in the rain or if the threat of rain exists within 24 hours.
  • Store Excel-Coat in a cool, dry area and protect from freezing. It may be necessary to stir Excel-Coat before using. Containers should be separated according to batch numbers to ensure color uniformity. When changing from one batch to another, blend one container from each batch together to ensure a smooth transition. Partial containers can be resealed. Should a top skin develop on the remaining contents of a container, the physical properties and effectiveness of the contents will not be impaired. Clean mixing and application tools with water. Dispose of empty containers properly according to current Local, State and Federal regulations.
  • Use Excel-Coat products with adequate ventilation and personal protection. Users must read container label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for specific health and safety precautions prior to use.
  • Immediately available from Excellent Coatings International and authorized distributors.
  • Cost data is available from your local Excellent Coatings International authorized representative. For the name and number of the nearest local representative, call Excellent Coatings International at (800) 473-3817.
  • If damage or excessive wear occurs, simple repairs using the same product can be accomplished. Contact Excellent Coatings International for specific information regarding long-term maintenance. Cleaning can be accomplished by scrubbing with normal detergent soap and water. Heavy stains may require Excel-Coat All Purpose Cleaner solution and brushing with a stiff broom.
  • Excellent Coatings International warrants Excel-Coat material to be free of defects and manufactured to meet published physical properties for a period of one year following the date of shipment, provided that the product has been applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. Under this warranty, Excellent Coatings International will provide, at no charge, product in containers to replace any product proved to be defective in applications recommended by us as suitable for this product. All claims concerning the products' defects must be made within twelve months of shipment and within thirty days of discovery. Absence of such claims in writing during this period will constitute a waiver of all claims with respect to such product. This warranty is IN LIEU OF any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY of fitness for a specific purpose.
  • Authorized local representatives are available to provide design assistance and on-site instruction for our products. Excellent Coatings International provides assistance in design and development of special applications and partial inspection. Full-time inspection and instruction are available on a fee basis upon arrangement. Technical Data is available upon request.